Friday, August 21, 2009

Transitioning to the New LIfe (again)

Why is it when you end a relationship whether platonic or romantic, it is inevitable to come to a transition phase? A place where you feel semi-empty and remotely confused as if reality took a whirl-wind, unexpected turn. This of course is usually not the case because you knew this period of loneliness was in favor.

Personally, I don't enjoy any aspect of this feeling. But then, would it be inhumane to not experience the "transition phase"? Would moving on with my life smoothly indicate I did not have sincere feelings for the person? Why do we have to get use to a process instead of openly welcoming or embracing our new life, without the retired specimen?

Maybe the best option is to act like it never happened, then when the end is valid you can press play to your previous life and disregard the present as a director's cut (unnecessary scene to this melodramatic screenplay).