Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I want to die...
Not yesterday or tomorrow, but today--everyday.
I want to burn the desire of me, my lifeline to this world.
If I could muster up enough courage, I would cut so many ties.
I would first write a hate letter to my pimp, Lucifer.
He was the first to deceive me, lie to me about his light.
Showing me things that glimmered like gold, he said I could have the world.
Where was his glitz and glam when I had the gun to my head?
Oh, and I would slain my idol.
She made me believe that I could stand on top of it all, have the body and pearls to adorn.
What an oxymoron because that took me having one foot in purity and the other in the lion's den.
Lady on the streets, but a freak in the sheets.
They lied to me!
Told me I was worthy, but why do I feel so filthy?
I want to die.
I know it'll be easier than this mundane life; lack luster life.
Kill me please; allow me to die to myself and these lies.
He pimped me! And I let him own me. Put his mark on me as if he made me.
D: Dear; I: Invisible; E: Enemy
It's over!
I found a life that's eternal.
I died today and found life in He.