Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Found Love...

I found love in something that is boundless.
I found something so rich in pureness that it can never be tainted.
I found a God that loves me through all transgressions.

For so long, so many of us walk through life blinded by obscurities of what defines our mere existence. Hoping to run into a brink wall that will bring us to reality, we convince ourselves that being senseless, emotionless, and tunnel-minded is the tool to making it through our lives. When we get hurt, we turn cold-hearted. When we fail, we grow tough-skinned. When we fall short, we double our loads to make up for lost pieces. But how about when we don't feel like doing it anymore, how do we cope with the pain? The answer for most is suppression, avoidance, and depression.

Why do we openly submit ourselves to feeling torn and helpless? Jesus died for all these feelings. He was crucified so that we do not have to feel unworthy. Laying your burdens at his feet and drinking from his overflowing cup of life is so easy to do only if we would open our hearts to being restored rather than broken and cold. I was there! I know how it feels to hold on to pain. I know what it means to be "your own worst enemy." But why not be delivered!

God cares...He's there...He's everywhere. Ready to fill you with the Holy Spirit. All you have to do is ask!

Now that is true love. Something a man, woman, family, or friends can never give you!

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