Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fill Me Up Please

I want to be a Book of Acts Christian. This is a person who gets filled with the Holy Spirit before they do everything.

You may often wonder why is it that you may encounter someone in the church and all their spiritual gifts are gleaming through. They are showing you hospitality, grace, love...all fruits of the spirit. But then, encountering this person on the street or in their house and confusion gains she didn't just do or say that. What is up with homegirl! She don't be acting like that at church!
The reason why this happens is because we often operate in our flesh when we are outside the sacred four walls of the church. When we are in God's presence and filled with the Holy Spirit we operate as angels-spreading love and grace over all people and situations. BUT as soon as we leave this realm (of spiritual groundedness), we begin to operate in our flesh. At these times, PAUSE, PRAY for the Holy Spirit, and then press PLAY. These are the three P's to remember.
These situations are not to judge each other or render their niceness as fake, but to edify the person in the name of Jesus and let her or him know, hey you are operating in your flesh right now. Pause, Pray, and Play.

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