Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Time

The more I sit outside in the backyard enjoying nature the more I love my nakedness... Sounds off the wall I know. Really looking at nature I see how everything is so perfectly imperfect.. Nature (grass, plants, trees, animals) doesn't believe in symmetry unless that symmetry serves some kinda function. It's like how one hand or one boob is bigger than the other but symmetry is maintained because there are two (which serves the function of nourishing another life). Why can't humans grasp that? How do we end up obsessed with symmetry (straight nose, straight hair, evenly huge boobs, etc) when we all don't come that way. There's beauty in our variety and differences. *sigh* God is so gosh darned awesome!
-Natalia Crosdale

She gets it! And we all should get it! It's ironic that my friend had this revelation today because while in class (Microelectronic Fabrication to be exact) I was doodling. Something I haven't done in years. What fascinated me about my own doodling was what my mind was meditating on:


There is something about this season that illustrates God's majestic beauty!
Hair grows at its fastest rate (girls should appreciate this), flowers bloom, and bumble bees swarm the
pollen-saturated air. Life is everywhere! What's even more inspiring is the love that culminates everywhere I look. It's as if God's fragrance is stimulating spurts of love...maybe the name of His cologne is Serenade and He summons the birds to chirp sweet melodies of adoration. God is so dramatic! I really think this is His favorite season because we are able to see His glory prevail--love. This season makes me hope all things and believe all things (1 Cor. 13). Ironic I say this because Jesus died during this season; He died so that we may live, so that nature may be nourished. As he rose, so did the flowers bloom, bumble bees roam, and birds sing songs!

Spring time! It opened my friend's eyes to realize he loves his girlfriend. What was he thinking otherwise? It gave my friend a revelation that her imperfections are perfectly in symmetry. But God made her in His image. What are you going to allow it reveal to you?

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