Monday, July 27, 2009

Blind Sighted by My Goal

Some of you may read the title of this post and wonder how can someone be blind sighted by a goal? Isn't it suppose to be a good thing to be focused? Well, the truth is tenacity can sometimes cause you to still fall short of life; because I have. I missed out on the good times, the simplest moments of laughter and fun. I missed out on an opportunity to change someone's life forever. And I don't think I can get that chance back. I was so focused on my goal, my plan of action, that I hated to get off track. I stressed myself out trying to stick to the plan. And because of my determination I pushed the things that mattered the most away. I can honestly say I traded my most profound comrade for a seat on the Dean's List; for an advancement that God had already planned for me. All I can do now is hope and pray that I am forgiven. As humans we make mistakes, as scholars we miss out on the intricate moments in life, too focused to smell the roses and prune the trees. Forgive me for my goal has blind sighted me. And I do want you back my friend. Maybe you can teach me to relax and let life be itself.

Dedicated to Nellie.

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