Sunday, July 26, 2009

Self Definition? Self Inquisitive?


Do you ever ask yourself "What defines me?" I think it is an important question we must all ask ourselves one day, if not everyday. Many of us walk through life thinking we know ourselves, but if we never cultivate our minds with some kind of stimulus package how can we be sure?
As humans we are forever learning new things, forever evolving from old ways, and shedding old skin.

I have found that doing self-evaluations really do help put you back in check. Find time alone, isolated from outsiders, with a Bible in one hand and a diary in the other, and try connecting with your inner self. Kind of like a colon cleanse (and avoiding bias), you can really help yourself rid of B.S. you know you should have let go a long time ago. Besides the cleanse you also get to notice the true qualities of your self that make you original and authentic.

Sometimes in this society we get side-tracked by what's hot or in season. To tell you the truth, those people who try to dictate our lifestyles are lost themselves--filling a void by laying in fabrics and walking around with to do lists do not help. Finding myelf is more appealing than being a follower anyway! That should be a life trend!



Why is it that as women we define ourselves through our hair? Can anyone give me the definite answer?

I have decided to let mine grow out. Why? Because the pull I had made me feel powerful, seductive, and at an advantage. But then I cut it like Rihanna's because I wanted to make a statement of freshness, edge, and fierceness. Hmmm, women! So confusing...[as I decide my next move]


I have a secret, but I cannot tell you it more than once. Jimmy Choo and H&M can be put in the same sentence (one day)...I will be there, so all 7.5/8 are mine! And if I have to employ the scene from "Confessions of A Shopaholic", I will!!!


I never thought to put eye lashes on but I think I may try it! I would like to try the catty look, typical of Beyonce and Eva Mendes.


  1. Suzanne, its great that you have a blog! I wanted to address the hair issue! Hair is a way for one woman to distinguish themselves from the next. It is an extension of personality- a reflection of self. We have all heard the phrase:" a bad hair day!" Well, hair is very telling of personality, sometimes even status (although this concerns the issue of stereotypes). Most importantly, hair reflects pride, we as black women can do so much to manipulate our hair (perms,color,weave,etc), but at the same time we do things to hide our uniqueness( natural hair). I’m not knocking these methods in any way b/c I have a perm...but it is something to consider.

  2. I love how you have broken down your shallow thoughts and shared them with the public. The first step in bettering ourselves is humbling ourselves; and it is good to seek humility through being honest to others and ourselves in terms of what WE are insecure about. I too have my share of insecurities that I am not proud of- and I find it best to periodically list things on a sheet of paper and plan for the next day the small changes I plan on embarking on (going to the bank to better manage my money, trying new hair care products and health regimes, etc.) Awesome!